Always Moving Forward TOGETHER guided by Reality & Respect™
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     There is always another hill to climb, and some “hills” turn into “mountains”.         The ENDURO Landscape is worn as a reminder that we can climb these       hills (mountains) together in a way that’s guided by Reality and Respect.         Regardless of the “hill” (mountain) that’s in front of us, we believe we can                      Always Move Forward guided by Reality and Respect.       If you would like to order your own ENDURO Landscape apparel, click       on “The ENDURO Landscape” in the oval picture on the right. - - - - - - - - - - -
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Always Moving Forward guided by Reality & Respect is the guiding principle behind The ENDURO Brand™. It’s a principle that’s been developed through decades of service to the running community - as we’ve watched student and adult Track & Field and Cross Country athletes compete against each other - making strategic decisions during the race that are based on reality - while demonstrating respect for themselves and their competition - in a sport that is known for always moving forward - never backing up - - - whether it’s a sprint race - a field event - or an ENDURO (long race).  Reality and respect are a key to success.                       So, there’s no room in “The ENDURO Brand” for being divisive, especially the way politicians, the main stream media, Hollywood elites and University professors are ALL trying to divide practically everyone in the United States: - poor aginist rich - black against white - Christian against Muslim - etc. The ENDURO Landscape (brand) is worn as a way to say, “Enough is Enough”, No more Divisiveness,” -  -  -  Here’s REALITY:  - - -   We win as a Team!  - - -  not as a team (or country) divided.             This continues to be a thrilling experience that we hope to share all across the United States as we strive to move forward at a time when Respect is not a priority, and Reality continues to be ignored or distorted.  We encourage everyone to join us - as a competitor, as a coach, as a spectator, as a parent, or simply as someone who understands how important this guiding principle is to themselves, their family, their employer (or business) and to our country.   So, wear (and share) The ENDURO Brand:  -  -  -                                        Always Moving Forward guided by Reality & Respect